Essential hiking gear for your fitness trek

Hiking is a great way to keep fit. Aside from enjoying the outdoors, beautiful scenic views, the smells and sounds of nature, and fresh air one get to have some health benefits to go with it. Hiking is an excellent way to do cardio workout, it improves muscular fitness, lowers the risk of high blood pressure. Hiking also helps increase bone density, control weight and boosts one’s mood, lowering stress and anxiety. When planning to go for a hike, it is essential that one gets the right gear for their fitness trek. Below is a guide on essential items one needs to have.


hiking boots

It is essential that one gets the proper footwear for them to be able to walk and tackle different terrain. One needs to note that there is a range of footwear that they can buy and need to look for what will best suit the purpose they need the shoe for. Hiking footwear include hiking shoes, hiking boots and mountain boots. They are each suited for a particular kind of hike, to provide the stability and grip that one needs as they walk.


One needs to consider the weather of the environment they will be hiking as they plan on the clothes they will wear. Depending on the weather and terrain environment put on pants or shorts, one can check out selection on what to buy. A t-shirt can be long or short sleeved, a jacket incase you are in a chilly windy area, a hat for a hot day, a warm hat for a cold area and socks to wear with the shoes.


A backpack is essential for putting in any essential necessities that one may need, that they are not putting on. What one carries should be a load they are able to walk around with as they hike.


This is a vital item for one to have. You do not want to get dehydrated as you trek from one place to another. Ensure to carry enough water to drink. One can also carry a water purifier that they can use to purify water.


Food is good to give one the energy to keep on hiking. Carry both salty and sweet food and snacks. Have food for the day plus some extra snack is advisable.


hiking 2Carry some personal accessories like hand sanitizer gel, toilet paper. Have some medicine and a first aid kit. When in the wild one does not have access to doctors. Having these items will help in dealing with medical issues before getting professional help. Carry a flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries you may just need some lighting. Lastly, have navigation tools like a compass and maps.…


Health Benefits of Kayaking

If you want to have a great time on the water, then kayaking is one of the options that you should consider. The low water view and ambiance that kayaking will give you will give you an unforgettable experience. Kayaking is excellent for rivers, lakes, rapids, and streams just but to mention a few. The kayaks are also light in weight and versatile which means that they are easier to transport. For the best fishing kayak click on the highlighted link. This read looks at the health benefits of kayaking;

Cardiovascular health

heart rateSince kayaking is an aerobic activity, people who participate in it greatly enhance their cardiovascular health. The human heart needs regular exercises to function correctly; this means that by kayaking you will give you heart the much-needed exercise. By subjecting yourself to daily exercises, you will strengthen your heart which means that your heart will perform its functions better.

Vitamin D

Many people suffer from the bone-related diseases because of lack of vitamin D. However; this is not the case with individuals who kayak. Individuals who kayak spend a considerable amount of time outside which means that they are significantly exposed to the sunshine. The increased exposure to vitamin D will lead to increased exposure to the sun which means that the intake of vitamin D will be increased.

Reduces stress

Most people suffer from the effects of stress because they lock themselves indoors and fail to see the outside world from a different perspective. Since kayaking is an outdoor sport, individuals will have a chance to go out watch the water and the skies and even interact with people. Kayaking, therefore, exposes individuals to different elements which means that the issues to do with stress will be contained.

Weight loss

Kayaking also leads to weight loss since it is a physical activity. By kayaking, you will burn calories which will lead to the loss of fats and subsequently the loss of weight. Kayaking requires you to peddle and even to swim at times. You also have the chance to carry the kayak to the rapids which are sufficient exercise to make you lose some weight.

Upper body workout

upper bodyMany people only subject the lower parts of their body to work out and leave the upper part of their bodies. During the kayaking exercises, the individuals usually use their shoulders, back, and arms. All these parts are found in the upper part of the body which means that the upper part of the body will get sufficient exercise that it needs. Watch the video below for the health benefits of kayaking;