How to Choose a Pair of Goalie Gloves

Gloves are considered to be an important piece of equipment. It is advisable to buy an excellent pair for you. This post will help you find the right pair of elite goalkeeper gloves. Adidas and Nike may be coolest, but there are other brands like Sondico or Puma that are great. The following are the steps to follow:

Price range

Are you a serious player? Are you on travel or school team? Gloves can become quite expensive. Thus, if you are playing for just fun, you better choose a cheap pair.


goalkeeper gloves 4r111You need to determine the sort of closure you want. Check how the gloves fit on the hand. The closure is a matter of personal preference and does not affect the glove performance. Thus, if you are not sure of the closure you want, you should shop at a sport or soccer than online. You can try the gloves and check whether they fit you. What do you want about the gloves? Performance and durability are important considerations. If you find that durability is not important, you should choose a glove which has textured latex or dimpled on the palms. However, if you prefer performance to durability, it is a good idea to purchase such sort of glove.

Measure your hand

It is necessary to measure the hand to ensure it is a great fit. If you shop at the store, it is advisable to try the gloves. You can use a tape measure to take dimensions around widest part of the palm. You can repeat with the other hand. If the other hand is larger, add a larger measurement.

Go to the store

The right place to get gloves is a soccer specialty store. If there is a store in your area, you can visit it. Sometimes you may have to visit a sports store that is far away. You can also go online. Online stores have a wide selection and lower prices. When in the store, try to put on the glove. Move with the fingers around it.goalkeeper gloves k71y8


Most sports stores have various things that can help you to measure your hands. This will allow you to choose the gloves you want. The size is written on the side of the glove. Over time the gloves will be worn down. You can easily make them last a bit longer by taking care of them. It is advisable to wash them at least once a month.

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