Eight Health Benefits of Terpenes

If you know cannabis, then you are aware that a broad variety of strains are available with each having their distinct scent. For instance, a Tangie scents more citrusy while a kush strain smells more earthy. Terpenes are capable of the unique smells. Besides, they are also responsible for how the strain is going to hit you. With many countries legalizing the use of marijuana most suppliers have gone the extra mile to test for terpene content because it’s very vital.

Terpenes are oils present in cannabis that originate from the resin gland which is also responsible for producing THC, CBD as well as other cannabinoids. The great news is that terpenes boast of healing properties and are being used by health practitioners in aromatherapy. Presented below are some of the surprising health gains of terpenes.


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Slows or Stop Cancer

A study revealed that terpenes could help in stopping cancer in its tracks. Besides, it can also limit the spreading of cancer cells. The people living with cancer in the research were given terpenes, and the outcome was positive. The terpenes succeeded in suppressing the multiplication of the cancer cells. Cancer investigation has shown that terpenes work to reduce tumor growth significantly.
Relieves arthritis


Enhances Lung Health

Terpenes can help to better lung function. Researchers hunting for heart disease risk factors revealed that terpene users had an improvement in lung capacity, unlike tobacco smokers who lost lung function over the period.


Eases Pain

Terpenes work to halt pain in the body. A recent study also shows that terpenes can work wonders in controlling the painful symptoms of illnesses like multiple sclerosis. The patients never responded to conventional medication, but after using terpenes for a few days, they recorded a reduction in their pain. Terpenes help in the bonding of receptors in the nerves as well as muscles to alleviate the pain.


Helps Relieve PTSD

Terpenes have been approved for the treatment of PTSD in most areas. In fact, you will be surprised to find out that PTSD is among the countless reasons why people are seeking for terpene products on true-blue.co. Terpenes work like other cannabinoids such as THC to help control the system that is accountable for causing fear and anxiety in the body.


Helps Crohn’s Disease

Terpenes can cure Crohn’s disease that causes pain, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss to mention a few. In fact, research revealed that using terpenes regularly reduced the signs of Crohn’s disease in ten out of eleven patients.


Regulates Epileptic Seizure

A study showed that terpene use could regulate epileptic seizures. Terpenes were given to rats which stopped getting seizures after ten hours. It was discovered that terpenes got rid of the seizures by through binding of the brain cells that control excitability as well as regulate relaxation.



Treats Glaucoma

Terpenes can be used to treat glaucoma that raises the tension inside the eyeball damaging the optic nerve and causing blindness. According to researchers, terpenes help in the lowering of the pressure within the eyeball. The healing effects of terpenes can treat loss of vision.

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