How Do I Find Good Marijuana Starters?

Marijuana starters are otherwise known as clones. If you want to start growing marijuana, you can either use seeds or clones. The benefit of using clones is that they are genetically identical. Thus you know what to expect from the beginning. They also have a shorter growth period, can be easily cloned again, and their gender is guaranteed.

Getting marijuana starters is easy, you only need to visit a marijuana farm or a retail store if marijuana is legalized for recreational or medical use in your state. The challenge comes in knowing the difference between good and bad starters. You can do all other things right, but if you start with the wrong marijuana starters, you will not go far. Below is a guide to help you ensure that the marijuana starters you buy are good.


We can quickly tell how good the roots are from the fruits. The same applies to marijuana. You need to ensure that the sources of your starters are good. Good roots should be vibrant and white. The roots should be starting from the central point spreading outwards to get more water and nutrients making the plant healthy and active. Avoid brown roots because it is an indication that the starters are not healthy and they can quickly die.


Marijuana startersReferrals by established marijuana growers and determined people in the industry are one of the best ways to know that you are buying the best cbd clones for sale. Clones are sometime better as compared to starters as they are as a result of only those preferred stains in the industry. All growers will claim to have the best, and a third party is more likely to give you a neutral review.

Some growers also compete in growing the best marijuana starters. You will not go wrong with choosing one whose starters have won the awards.

Leaf Tips

After the roots, look at the tips of the plant’s leaves. A good starter should have several green leaves. They need to be bright green as a result of fresh growth. If the tips are brown or dull, it could be a sign of stunted growth. This means you would have to wait for longer for your marijuana to be ready. We all don’t want to spend extra time waiting for something if we can avoid it.


The roots and leaf tips are the most important factors to consider when ensuring that your marijuana starters are good. However, the color of the leaves is also important. Avoid strains whose leaves have dark or yellowish patches as this indicates that the plant needs extra nitrogen. Good starters should be bright green.


Avoid starters which have been or are currently infested with insects. Look for signs of powdery mildew, termites, or pocked leaves. The best way to eradicate diseases in your farm is by avoiding them in the first place.

With these tips, you will be in a position to select a good marijuana starter. The best thing is that when you start with a good start, you will have genetical consistency. Take your time to look for the best, and you will reap the benefits.

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