Health Benefits of Kayaking

If you want to have a great time on the water, then kayaking is one of the options that you should consider. The low water view and ambiance that kayaking will give you will give you an unforgettable experience. Kayaking is excellent for rivers, lakes, rapids, and streams just but to mention a few. The kayaks are also light in weight and versatile which means that they are easier to transport. For the best fishing kayak click on the highlighted link. This read looks at the health benefits of kayaking;

Cardiovascular health

heart rateSince kayaking is an aerobic activity, people who participate in it greatly enhance their cardiovascular health. The human heart needs regular exercises to function correctly; this means that by kayaking you will give you heart the much-needed exercise. By subjecting yourself to daily exercises, you will strengthen your heart which means that your heart will perform its functions better.

Vitamin D

Many people suffer from the bone-related diseases because of lack of vitamin D. However; this is not the case with individuals who kayak. Individuals who kayak spend a considerable amount of time outside which means that they are significantly exposed to the sunshine. The increased exposure to vitamin D will lead to increased exposure to the sun which means that the intake of vitamin D will be increased.

Reduces stress

Most people suffer from the effects of stress because they lock themselves indoors and fail to see the outside world from a different perspective. Since kayaking is an outdoor sport, individuals will have a chance to go out watch the water and the skies and even interact with people. Kayaking, therefore, exposes individuals to different elements which means that the issues to do with stress will be contained.

Weight loss

Kayaking also leads to weight loss since it is a physical activity. By kayaking, you will burn calories which will lead to the loss of fats and subsequently the loss of weight. Kayaking requires you to peddle and even to swim at times. You also have the chance to carry the kayak to the rapids which are sufficient exercise to make you lose some weight.

Upper body workout

upper bodyMany people only subject the lower parts of their body to work out and leave the upper part of their bodies. During the kayaking exercises, the individuals usually use their shoulders, back, and arms. All these parts are found in the upper part of the body which means that the upper part of the body will get sufficient exercise that it needs. Watch the video below for the health benefits of kayaking;

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